Come in the Kobolds's forest... A little kingdom on the Web.  


    Guteviniyesu xoratu wemewa.
    Agonowøme gutexa yaloboseyaza.

    Welcome in our country.
    We don't know english language very well.


       Tiferoyesu nagatekaza - Download the zip (not yet)



      forum kobold  Yugu forutu wa Kobogeno
       Link to the forum of Kobold people
      Overview of Kobold's country (comments in kobold and french)
      Lini wa Koboxora - Map of Kobold's country
       Tuta - The tribe

       Geridomu wa Yathinufa - Library of Yathinufa

       Kobold alphabet

       Language structure - Prefixes table (not full translated)

       Lexique des termes grammaticaux (not translated)

       The nominal group : gender, number, negation

       Elements of nominal group : demonstratives, comparatives, superlatives (not full translated)

       Declensions (not yet; link to the french version page)

       Table des désinences casuelles (cases ending table - not finished)

       Subordinate clause and relative pronouns (only begining translated)

       Verbal group (first part - not translated)

       Verbal group (second part - not translated)

       Conjugation table (not full translated)

       Interrogation (not translated)

       Numerals (not translated)

       Table of demonstratives (i-, o-, ye-) (not translated)

       Table of individuals, collectives, et negatives (ke-, ko-, a-) (not translated)

       Table of alternatives and undefinites (yu-, e-, eyu-) (not translated)

       Table of relatives and retrophorics (-ye) (not translated)

       Table of composed relatives (-yu, "Quoi que...") (not translated)

       Other particles (ki-, yupe, ri-, re-, some temporals) (not translated)

       Table of grammatical words in alphabetical order A-I (partially translated)

       Table of grammatical words in alphabetical order K-R (partially translated)

       Table of grammatical words in alphabetical order S-Z (partially translated)

       Table of lexical roots : B - H (188)

       Table of lexical roots : K - N (263)

       Table of lexical roots : P - S (200)

       Table of lexical roots : T - Z (236)

       Etymology of roots B - H (not translated)

       Etymology of roots K - N (not translated)

       Etymology of roots P - S (not translated)

       Etymology of roots T - Z (not translated)

       Automatic tranlator (empty because technical problem; put the words yourself J )

       Lexic English-Kobold : A - F

       Lexic English-Kobold : G - P

       Lexic English-Kobold : Q - Z

       Lexic Kobold-French-English : A - K

       Lexic Kobold-French-English : L - R

       Lexic Kobold-French-English : S - Z

       Thematic lexic (first part) (not translated)

       Thematic lexic (second part) (not translated)

       Calendar (not translated)

       Measures (not translated)

       The Babel text

       First chapter of Genesis

      Domu limonowa  
      Uya ye
      ("Ha Tikvah", existing midi file)
      ("Auld Lang Syne", existing midi file)
      ("San Francisco", french song)
      ("Qui saura ?", from a french version of italian song "Que sera")
      ("Aline", french song)
      Only french translation yet. If you are a musician, you could record the kobold version and send me the wav file.

       (Other versions of Auld Lang Syne)

       Tales of Jean de la Fontaine

       Translation of a Smurf story

       Kobomeme - Le Schtroumpfissime - The Smurfissim (on the way)

       Proper names for people (not translated)

       The Tribe

       How to begin a Kobold

       Academy : please transmit your remarks about kobold language

I yoliseyama! Ka iyo nehofareyame yeza!
How beautiful language! And It's me who invented it!